Common Hot Water Tank Problems

What are the most common hot water tank problems?

Hot Water Tank ProblemsEvery year thousands of individuals call Professional plumbing companies with hot water tank problems, this can be a wide range of services but the most common are:


  1. I am getting a foul odor coming from my water.  This is common among hot water tank problems and is usually caused by sediment buildup in the hot water tank. Usually, this only affects people during the summer months when it is hot out. The same problem can also affect the taste of your water, luckily the fix is relatively easy and something the homeowner should do every year. This problem can usually be solved with a simple draining of the sediment from the hot water tank.
  2. I am not getting any hot water.  Hot water tank problems such as these could be a couple of things but most commonly it is due to a faulty thermocouple, or your pilot light has simply blown out. The pics in both cases is relatively simple if your pilot light has simply blown out you only need to relight it. Go here for instructions on relighting your pilot light. If you try to relight it and you still have no success you might need to replace your thermocouple, you can call a professional in or hot water tank repair if required.
  3. My hot water tank is leaking. What consumers think is a leak is not always a leak when it comes to hot water tanks. Sometimes it"s just a build-up of condensation that is dripping off the side of the tank and pooling on the floor. If it is leaking this is one of the more serious hot water tank problems. You should call an emergency plumbing company right away this is not something that you want to risk. A hot water tank leak can quickly turn into a burst hot water tank and cause a flood in your home.
  4. My hot water tank is making banging noises.  hot water tank problems such as this are usually caused by sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank is trapping air bubbles, when the air bubbles escape to the surface they can cause a banging noise.

Hire professional plumbers for yearly inspections and avoid expensive emergency repairs

Hot water tank problems can be avoided by having a professional plumbing company come out and do a regular service once per year. It is also a good idea as the homeowner to drain your tank once per year. The sediment the built-up in the tank not only has the potential to cause mechanical problems with your hot water tank but also will make it much less efficient, costing you more money in utility bills.